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diary Sugbo Mercado-The Weekend Food Market

sugbo mercado

announcementSugbo Mercado (Business Park – Ayala) is temporarily closed until further notice. The nearest one is in the vicinity of Landers Superstore. Next is in IT Park Cebu City

It was an ordinary weekend when we passes this place but this time it’s different. We heard music and see bright lights under the tents. So we came over and have a closer look. It’s Sugbo Mercado! They now have another opening in Cebu Business Park near Ayala, more precisely near Quad Building. If you ride a 13C jeepney coming from downtown to Talamban, it will passes through one of the one way streets here. (It is also exactly the place we’ve mentioned in our jogging area post).


Hmm.. it’s tempting.. can’t resist to grab something to eat.. hurriedly entering.. and looking something to eat!


Sugbo Mercado-The Weekend Food Market

Here’s few of the participating food chain we could list.

  1. Kuzina Guadalupe
  2. Proben
  3. Mongolian Barbecue
  4. Jasmine Tea House
  5. Sioplets
  6. Papachurros
  7. WingWazz
  8. Lee Yong
  9. Pina Colada
  10. Grand Fries
  11. Hotspot
  12. Yobob
  13. Pizza Cones
  14. Macology 101
  15. Eat Pork
  16. La Choza Grill
  17. Baka
  18. Cios StreetFood
  19. Mix and Match
  20. John Lemon


At long last, Viola Hala Paella! This one caught our attention, so we tried this food line up.


Sugbo Mercado-The Weekend Food Market

We’ll, the price isn’t that costly. You can have an average of 80-200 pesos and that’s already a good meal. What’s interesting is that, there are several food choices you can select from. We will be visiting there again next week to try another. 😉


Saying we were here 😉

Looks like this would be a signature pose, it won’t be complete without the Sugbo Mercado mark. lolz!

Sugbo Mercado website here

Facebook Page Here:

Contact No. 0917-772-7077

Meet some old friends here.. we’re sure you do too. See yeah!



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