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diary The New Ceres Bus Terminal in Simala

The New Ceres Bus Terminal in Simala

The busy streets of Barangay Simala in Sibonga Cebu will never be busier a year or two from now. Indeed, this little barangay is a tourist destination because of the beautiful and miraculous Mama Mary housed in the Simala Shrine. Today, it is congested already and commute by public transit is a bit difficult. So either you have to bring your own ride or arrange a “pakyaw ug jeep“.  We’ll Good news! If you plan of visiting Simala shrine or plan of going there again, a new Ceres Bus terminal has been put up. Thanks to privately owned property from “Kabilin” of Bacaltos-Campos family for letting it be used as the terminal.

The Woods Simala Terminal

This is direct route from Ceres Bus lines in South Bus Terminal (SBT) to this new Ceres Bus Terminal in Barangay Simala and vice versa. There will be planned of 45 units to be deployed. First trip from this terminal will start from 5:00 am and there will also be last trip determined for the day going back to Cebu City.


The New Ceres Bus Terminal in Simala

The Location

The Woods Simala Terminal is few meters away from the highway. We’ll if you’re going there by foot, you will sweat specially on a hot day and you have back pack to carry. Maybe a 10-minute walk, not that far. Along, you will find the Simala Gym and the Barangay Hall. Next to it is the little Simala Church -Our Lady of Divine Grace Parish (not the Shrine), then few meters is the Woods Terminal.

(We’ve request it to be added in Google Maps yet, so the closest landmark is Our Lady of Divine Grace Parish)

What’s Nearby?

Aside from going to the Simala Shrine, you can visit the Sibonga Plaza or you can go near south in Argao historic church and plaza or let your kids play in Don Hill Park. Argao Nature Park is beside it, a must visit while you’re in there. You may also want to take a dip in Mahayahay Public Beach or freeze in cold spring in Guiwanon.


About Peps

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