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diary The Parola in Liloan Cebu

the parola liloan cebu

Was wondering really how the Parola in Liloan Cebu looks like, not as if it’s the first time we’ve seen a parola but what interest us most is the number if visit we’ve seen in the facebook posts from friends dropping on the place. So here we come and giving it a shot.

The Parola in Liloan is more than a hundred years old. It was built in 1904 in order to light the sea and shore for fishermen. When you’re entering the Cebu channel by boat from Manila or by Airplane from other places, this parola (or lighthouse) in Liloan is a landmark that you are nearing your destination which is the Cebu Port or the Cebu Mactan International Airport.


The Parola in Liloan Cebu

I like this angle taken from the rocks


Parola or Lighthouse

a tower with a powerful light that is built on or near the shore to guide ships away from danger

A closer look

Here’s a closer look of the Parola in Liloan. It’s not that tall, but enough to be seen by the boats passing by. You can actually get near to it’s base and take a picture from there. Best are the leaves of the trees clinging near to it.


Amara View

Fronting the Parola is the beautiful Amara real property estate. It is under development (as of post), so you could see beautiful landscape along the vicinity.

More views fronting the ocean..


Going to the Parola

Going to the Parola in Liloan is easy. If you are coming from the City you may want to pass through the new bridge via the North Costal Road connecting Mandaue and Liloan. There is a signboard “To Parola” from the main road. Follow that road then few minutes by ride you’ll arrive on the place.




What’s nearby

Near to the Parola actually is the Papa Kits , Coffee Madness Coffee Shop in Tayud Liloan and Titay’s famous delicacies.


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