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Thewi Thai Massage the best Massage in Uptown

Discovering Thewi Thai in Llorente

Some years ago my friend bring me to this massage parlor.
I keep on coming back in this branch and I could say, Weare regular customer at this branch until now. Thewi Thai massage in Llorente Cebu is the best massage parlor in uptown.

The place is not situated in busy streets, so you have to go there by your own ride or a taxi or you can walk a block from main road where public jeepneys are available. The very best part of parlor is that, as soon as you open the door, the aromatic smooth scent welcomes you, right there and then you can feel your system started to cool down.


You will be attended soon (watch out for peak days/time of day like Fridays and Saturdays) by starting with a warm water foot wash with gentle massage, that’s a plus for Thewi Thai Massage. You will then accompanied to where your room is. There is a single, there is also double bed rooms for couples . You have to name your kind of massage, there is full body massage, back massage. Most likely an hour is enough. You can also have extended like 1hr and half and you may want that your first hour will be focused in back for example. You can also just have 30minute foot massage, I do foot massage for a quick visits :). The services is about 200 or 250 basic for an hour.


thewi thai massage parlor


The therapist

Their therapist are also the best so far, female therapist only but I tell you they’re strong as male, so at start they’re going to ask you if the initial pressure is okay or not, then you can say, “gentler a bit please” 🙂

Once done, you’ll then be asked either to have a water or tea, it’s up to you, it’s free. You’ll also be handed with a hot face towel either served in the room or in the lobby. If there are plenty of customers, they’re going to ask you to proceed to the lobby so they could change and prepare the room for the next customer.

As for us, familiar faces, we can pay after the massage but for new comers they are asked to pay first.


The location

Here’s the location, it behind the National Bookstore in Mango Avenue opposite of Jollibee.



Like no other

There are other massage parlor nearby worth to try but for us this Thewi Thai Branch in the best. Often times, we look for Swedish style, I find one but not really that good yet at the moment (well.. there are but expensive ones), so still looking but for thai style massage, this is the best we highly recommend.

So get a massage on your next day off, enjoy and relax! 🙂

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