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Tips in getting what you need to know in a blog

This article talks about what to look on a particular blog so you will not read an outdated information. There are lot of information within the page your are visiting, the following simple tips will help you understand what the page (you are visiting) is all about. This is not an article on how to detect fake news by the way, let’s leave it to the experts.. well.. and common sense like simple cross verification by “googling” what other “authority” sites say about the said news.
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Our browsing behavior may vary depending if we’re browsing a website or a blog. We’ll the question is, what’s the difference between a website and a blog by the way? A website is any web page that display information when you surf on the net, a blog can only be part of a website.

Few differences to note between Website and Blog

blog vs website

Sample Websites areย Globe Telecom and Smart Communications

Sample Blog is like the one you are reading right now, Peps&Coks Travel blog ๐Ÿ™‚

And there is a hybrid
Most of websites today like the Globe and Smart has a blog. Blog is a very useful tool in marketing. It is a widely used strategy for companies to reach their audiences.

Now, going back to the tips:

Blog post dates

In the blog, there should be a date, this is the blog post date. Depending on how progressive (or progressing) the topic is, a year or two years since published date may no longer relevant. Some bloggers do updates, you can see it either in the top or at the bottom of the blog.


Some blogs have many authors, you may have favorite authors in that blog to follow ๐Ÿ™‚


This is where readers interact with the topic, exchange ideas with other readers and even to the blog author. Caution though, there could be bias here of not publishing your comments due to some blog policies (you could see this somewhere in the about or anywhere visible) or offensive words or even to the blog itself and/or for some other reason.

The About page

This is an important section of the blog/website. There are blogs that seems bias or faking some stuff, read it in the about, the blog may be just for fun. This will let you understand what the blog is all about.

Disclaimer and credits

We don’t own everything in the published material. A good blog has a disclaimer and proper credits.


Blogs have contact page for you to reach the admin and/or the blog owners and authors. They’re really excited to read a note from their readers.

Bonus Tip

If you’re going to be a member to a blog site or subscribe to their services or newsletter, use your “second primary” account. What we meant by “second primary” is, this is your public or often used account to do subscriptions. Your “primary” supposed to be private or minimally used and will be mainly for reset and security purposes in case you need it. If there is a 2FA (2 factor authentication) from the site you registered with, better enable the 2FA service as well, those are free.

That’s all

Keeping it simple and hopefully it helps. Next time you visit a site, check those tips out.

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