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diary Top 6 sites where you can learn Cebuano Language

learn cebuano language

Filipino though in general is flexible in terms of speaking english. If you happen to be a foreigner visiting the Philippines or in Cebu, you would not find it difficult to deal with Filipinos. Asking for directions where to go or even bargaining in the market, they can answer you quickly. Most can speak english fluently and some atleast can speak “broken” english but can 100% understand you.

However, you will get immediately what you’re asking or needing if you learn bits and pieces of Cebuano language. You will even given special attention if you can speak the native tongue. Besides, Cebuano is easy and fun to learn. Here are some great top 6 sites where you can learn Cebuano Language.

1. Binisaya (

They have discussion forum. Users can register, post questions and can comment. They also have Bisaya Dictionary.

2. Translate Sandayong (

Wide variety of words translated into Bisaya, Tagalog, English and vice versa

3. Cebuano 101 (

This is a blogspot site but full of information to kick start with Bisaya phrases.

4. Bisdak Words (

If you want to understand deep and uncommon bisaya terms, you can find it here. They feature fun images to showcase the defined word is. They have Bisaya to English dictionary as well and a forum.

5. Learn Bisaya Now (

Another site hosted in blogspot but is useful as well to start learning the language.

6. Cebuano Teacher (

This is great site to learn with lot of information about Bisaya language in it. It is update regularly but just seems have several ads in the page.


You can actually find more references on the internet about Bisaya language but they’re found on sub pages. Those above are dedicated about learning the language and are written by the locals. Some of them offers tutorials as well.



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