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Top Cebu Focused Sites and Blogs

Cebu is one of the biggest and densely populated province of the Philippines. Many people from across other provinces go to Cebu for many reasons hence Cebu is one of the most where talents are made, from screen actors, sports, vloggers, bloggers are among few to mention. If you are looking for blog sites that is focused about Cebu, you are in the right place.

Below is the list of top Cebu focused blogs and sites.

Sugbo PH 

Sugbo PH was established on October 5, 2014 and has become the go-to website for topics about Cebu. It is owned and managed by Sugbo Media Group Corporation.

Queen City Cebu

Queen City Cebu site is a City guide featuring latest events, promo and other exciting updates about Cebu. It talks about places of tourist attractions, foods, people, culture and everything else in between.

Cebu Wanderlust

Cebu Wanderlust is another travel blog that focused everything but Cebu as tourist destination. Cebu Wanderlust covers food, culture, history, heritage, events and more.

Laruy-Laruy sa Sugbo by Peps & Coks

Yours truly, laruy-laruy sa Sugbo is a Cebu focused travel blog experiences by Peps & Coks and Friends around Cebu. They’re trying to bridge between expectations and reality, so you would see the good sides and the not so good sides.

The Cebuano

The Cebuano is a Cebu news, lifestyle and events blog and other goodies about Cebu.

Traveling Cebu

Traveling Cebu site is all about what you can see, hear, smell, feel, experience, and imagine of Cebu. You can find lots of guides, insights, and information for your travel and next place to visit in Cebu.

All Time Cebu

All Time Cebu is a Cebu-based lifestyle/news blog plus shopping experience that covers Cebu’s latest trends from travel to dine, technology to fun & entertainment, news & social media and among others. It also features a huge number of how-to tutorials to help people find easy to follow guides.

Beyond Cebu

Beyond Cebu is setup to show the amazing places in Cebu and the Philippines. it is to highlight the wonders, tourist destinations, culture, and everything Cebu Islands can offer to its tourists and locals.

Suroy PH

“Suroy” is the direct translation of “To Wander” in the Cebuano Language. Owned by a community of Bisaya travelers and was established last 2021 to become the authoritative lifestyle digital magazine for everything about traveling to Cebu and beyond.

Cebu Tours

If you are looking for affordable and hassle free going around Cebu, Cebu Tours offers affordable packages to discover beautiful island of Cebu. Cebu Tours has a blog in which places to go and what to do’s.

Travel Cebu

Similar to Cebu Tours, Travel Cebu offers budget and hassle free tour packages in Cebu. They feature blogs to show great places and good foods to visit.

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