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Top places in Cebu for Beach Lovers

Cebu is a small island that has many popular tourist attractions. As such, people from all over the world will flock to go here for vacations and holidays.. even us locals! The province is blessed with beautiful white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters. There are many different places in Cebu where you can find accommodation especially those who love the beach. Here’s a list of some great places for beach lovers to visit in Cebu:

Northern Cebu

Generally speaking, in the northern part of Cebu is where people flock to hop and stay into the beautiful island. We have the Bantayan Island specifically on the northwest and Malapascua Island in central north. Check it in the Google Map for approximate location of each. Bantayan Island though is bigger and permanently inhabited. Check out our list in Bantayan Island to get you started where to roam.

top cebu beaches destinations northern cebu



Moalboal is surrounded with white sands and beaches. Taking advantage of the geolocation, it covers large portion of sea shorelines. It is here where you also see dozens of beaches. Moalboal is also a great diving spot. Moalboal is situated west southern part of Cebu. Check out our some of the places we have already listed for Moalboal, there are a lot more. See Moalboal in Google Maps for your easier spot on the said place.


Lapu-lapu Island

Of course, the Lapu-lapu / Mactan Island. This is the most easy to access place specially if you are from outside Cebu since the airport is located here. Lapu-lapu is surrounded with far more develop structures and amenities. You can even stay for a 5 star hotel here! Lapu-lapu is urbanized area where not only beaches you can see but also business offices and facilities are located here. Check Lapu-lapu in Google Maps and what we have listed so far.

Small Islands behind Lapu-lapu

If you want a more close to nature place nearby, go for an island hopping and also visit the Olango Island and nearby small islands. Check this Google Maps.

Camotes Island

We’ll Camotes Island is another great island to experience beaches. Aside from white sand beaches here, there are also lakes, caves and other natural spots to visit. Camotes Island is near Danao City but can be accessed also directly from Cebu City ports. See Camotes Island in Google Maps. If you want, get started with this list.

Santiago Bay Camotes

While these 4 are main spots in Cebu where beaches and white sands are concentrated, there are also other places where several places are on parade. In here, you can find the list of Cebu Towns and what awaits you there.

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