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Torta de Argao by Lola D’s

Update 10.15.2022: Lola D’s Torta cease to operate after the typhoon.

Argao is known for heritage and cultural buildings that are preserved and can be seen even in our current time. We’ll, in terms of delicacies, Argao is no doubt the home of the best Torta maker in the country. There are several makers and brand of Torta’s in the locality, one of it is Torta de Argao by Lola D’s. Maybe it’s first time you heard the name but the story was, Lola D or Dedet has been making torta since the 80’s, no brand, no name and is an order to make basis during big parties like birthdays, fiestas, wedding and etc. It was even discontinued for some years.

Everyone needs inspiration

Time changed when she got a grand daughter inspiring her to resurrect the best, sought after Torta of Argao. Years of experience plus the magic touch makes the first day a hit over 100 pieces test drive sold out in a single day! ..and that’s where it all begin again..

A home made Torta

To conserve the extra charge pass on to the customer for a having a rented spaces, Lola D decided to just baked Torta’s at home. After all, it’s the differentiated taste that people are keep coming back on.

torta de argao lola d

Two main delicacy

Originally, just two main variations, traditional plain torta and the one spirited with tuba – a local wine. Few months later as per request by customers, they expanded with few more variations like cheesy overload and ube torta.


So, how to order?

Reach Lola D’s Torta de Argao through their facebook page and send them a message in the messenger. Make sure you’ll get confirmation for your order 😉

More information in their website like resellers program and fortune cookies few that you might be interested from.

Send a feedback

If you have tried Torta de Argao by Lola D, please comment your experience below. They’re glad to hear feedback from you.

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