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Unlimited Chicken Wings in Street side Bistro Argao

It’s holiday off and we have to unwind for awhile. We also have to look for good food. One in mind is unlimited chicken wings in the area. We’ve come across Street Side Bistro! Yes Street Side Bistro by OJ’s Torta is the perfect place. When was the last time we hunt for “unlimited” foods (since the pandemic broke)? Hmm..

Street Side Bistro by OJ’s Torta is just “new extension” structure of famous OJ’s Torta in Argao. This is one of kind since “unlimited” are not so rampantly offered in provinces.

Street Side Bistro it is!

As the name suggest, they’re in street side. Nice thing is that, it’s not that busy street, so you can relax your mind while chomping delicious chicken wings! Above is the front side. Simple yet elegantly designed.. well.. that’s OJ’s afterall.


Various choices, from plain wings (if you prefer) to flavored ones. Aside from these, they also have pasta, veggies, seafoods and more.

Street Side Bistro by OJ’s Location

They are located in the heart of Argao. One block from the main road and there, you can see them. They’re in 321 Abear St, Poblacion, Argao, 6021 Cebu. See below via Google maps for easier reference.

Social Media Pages and Contact

Contact Number: 0966 381 4958
Email: streetsidebistrobyojstorta@gmail.com

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