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diary Why we love Watsons

why we love watsons

Watsons health and beauty retailer were aggressively expanding since the last few years compared to years back where we can only saw them inside malls. They now have shops across, competing to big pharma company like Rose Pharmacy and Mercury Drug Store. We can now easily access our favorite health and beauty products, medicines and vitamins as well and mini grocery.

Why we like Watsons

Watsons continually sets the standard in the health, beauty and wellness arena. There are new products every now and then. What we like more is Watsons Generics specially vitamins which combined in a tablet/capsule like for example vitamin D with manganese, copper, magnesium in it already which cost reasonably lower than buying each separately.

Multiplied points for being a member

Everyday and every now and then, you’ll have a surprise for each visit. In our case, we have instantaneously get discount for that favorite vitamins, more if by box! In events like Valentines Day, Christmas, few to mention, big discounts and buy one take one awaits. We’ll.. swiping your membership card double and/or triple the points!

Friendly staffs

Everyone likes friendly people, but here’s more, just went twice or thrice in that particular branch, the staff already remembers what we’re always buying for and excitedly announced the promo for buying buying that item! Uh-okay, so we bought a box instead of just ten but indeed, it’s worth it.

More shop nationwide

Your favorite vitamins, health and beauty products is accessible in most places as there are more Watsons shops across. You don’t have to switch to another product temporarily if you run out of your favorite items.


And.. no, this post is not paid in favor of them. 🙂


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Ag Molde aka Peps like anyone other ordinary being, loves to travel to unwind and refresh oneself from daily routine. While exploring beloved Cebu, he have decided to blog adventures, escapades and thrills for the other's to discover and add to their bucket list. He also help other aspiring bloggers setup their own - dubbed as Technopreneur at Visit my site if you need one.


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