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diary Yummy Mango in Sibonga

yummy mango sibonga

We’re talking about mangoes, that was a night before and we remembered we seem to spot a mango picture somewhere near the Sibonga port. Since it is Sunday today, so we’ve decided to grab some. Few minutes later, indeed, we’ve found Yummy Mango! Yummy Mango is a bit in secluded part of the area.

Really a goodies!

Mangoes are really gracious kind of fruit – our favorite! Yummy Mango is one of the best mango shake combinations we’ve tasted. We have tried one with banana add on mixed into it and indeed it’s delicious. There are fewer selection though – so good, we will definitely try those and come again for sure. Oh by the way, right timing as they’re on promo, so we have paid at discounted amount. 🙂 See below menu aside from mango.

yummy mango

The store

Yummy mango is a small store, maybe 5-6 people can be accommodated inside. There are tables and chairs though outside and more tables on the ground floor with tents. Simple storefront yet comfy with the “interior design” and nicely placed store equipment.

See them in Google maps

They’re located near the seawall/reclamation if you pass the street beside the gas station near Prince Warehouse (Sibonga) in Hermosisima Street, Sitio Pandan Sibonga. There are other establishments on the ground floor and they are located at the 2nd floor.

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